Current Flavors




Tops — contain 3.5 grams of  premium TOP Nugs "NO Smalls" and comes in a Child Resistant and Tamper Evident Jar for convenience and safety. Flagship Flower — contains 1 gram of premium flower and comes in a Child Resistant Pouch for simplicity. Back Weeds — 1 gram pre-roll cones, made with premium cannabis flower ONLY using RAW papers, they Do NOT contain any Trim. Packaged in Child Resistant Pouch w/ coned Doob Tubes for protection and are ready for travel. 

Current flavors:

  • HEROjuana OG: A strain that hasn’t required any modifications since it was obtained over 15 years ago. HEROjuana OG produces a delightful numbing sensation throughout the body while allowing the mind to relax. Give this flower a pinch and you will breath in a spicy burst of fruit, lemon and pine.

  • Oregon Lemon: This chunky hybrid is a cross between the pungent Lemon Diesel from Eugene, OR and a male Face Off OG plant. With a consuming bouquet of warm, flowery/earthy black pepper, Oregon Lemon will lift the spirits and carry the body in the same direction. If chicken noodle soup could be a plant, look no further than the Oregon Lemon.

  • Zkittlez: An Indica-dominant mix of Grape Ape, Grapefruit and an undisclosed strain. This award-winning combo achieved first place at the 2016 Emerald Cup in San Francisco. A beautiful flower with varying green hues Zkittlez doses the nostrils with sweet tropical aromas and treats the palate to a similar savor.